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Advanvison's core capability is to efficiently and quickly provide customers with fully customized Touch LCD Displays, Panel PCs and Digital Signages for a variety of application scenarios. After a long period of forging and accumulation, we have an excellent work team, including sales engineers who are responsible for communicating with customers and have rich experience. They define the real needs of customers through in-depth communication with customers, and then convey the customer's clear and clear demand information to the company's experienced mechanical structure engineers and electronic R & D engineers team. Our product development team of structural engineers and electronic engineers will work closely together, efficient collaboration, they must within the specified time to design a beautiful and elegant internal layout, and stable and excellent performance of the product prototype provided to the customer reference, confirmation. Once the customer determines the prototype design plan and drawings, Advanvision's long-term integration of supply chain partners and Advanvision's efficient and orderly production department will work together to help produce satisfactory samples in the shortest possible time for customer inspection and testing. Now please refer to the following figure for the specific customization process.


Based on years of accumulated technical strength and strong supply chain resources, Advanvision can provide customers with customized services to the maximum extent, from the structural,appearance and size of the products, to the parameters and characteristics of the LCD panels and the touch screens, to the environmental adaptability and the configuration of the motherboard, interfaces and peripherals. The following will elaborate on the various aspects of customized production that Advanvision can provide.

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Appearance customization

First of all, we will determine the enclosure’s material of the customized touch displays, Panel PCs and Digital signages according to the needs of customers, usually we can provide galvanized sheet, all aluminum alloy, 304/316 stainless steel and other materials for customers to choose, and according to the needs to choose the processing method of the metal housing’s surface, such as spray painting, sandblasting, surface drawing and so on. Then our structural engineering team will design the appearance, dimensions, color, customized logo and installation of the customized touch display products according to the customer's requirements.

                                          Appearance customization.png                


Screen customization

We will customize the LCD screen and touch screen according to the needs of customers. Usually according to the use of the products environment and application scenarios to determine the brightness of the LCD screen (from 250nits ordinary brightness to 5000nits ultra-high brightness), industrial grade wide temperature, explosion-proof, as well as resolution, viewing Angle and so on. In addition, also determine the type of touch screen according to the characteristics of different touch technologies, we can provide resistive touch, capacitive touch, infrared touch, SAW touch for customers to choose. We also provide AG, AR, AF coatings for the cover glass of touchscreens and single protection tempered glass for customers to choose.

                                               Screen customization.png               

Environment customization

Often our customized touch displays, panel PCS and digital signage need to be used in special and harsh environments. For example, our touch displays and HMI PCS usually need to be installed on high frequency vibration machine tools, or they need to be installed in high temperature, high humidity, high dust, high oil, high electromagnetic interference environment. Our touch LCD devices or digital signage will also often be installed in the semi-outdoor, outdoor environment facing direct sun work. In these special application environments, we need to carry out special design for them to make them have the function of shock proof, dust proof, water proof, oil proof and weather proof.

                                             Environment customization.png               



Motherboard/AD board customization

For the customized all-in-one computers, we will choose the corresponding motherboard with CPU, memory and storage, and interfaces based on the specific performance and function requirements of customers. We select a compatible processor that provides the required performance for our customer’s application. And consider the number of cores, clock speed, thermal design power (TDP), and any specific features needed for the customized all in one panel pc’s tasks. And we need to choose the appropriate RAM capacity and type based on the operating system, software applications, and multitasking requirements. Decide on the storage configuration. We can choose between traditional HDDs, SSDs (Solid State Drives), or even NVMe SSDs for faster data access. Consider the capacity required and whether you need redundancy or data protection. And determine the necessary connectivity options such as Ethernet ports, USB ports, serial ports, and other interfaces (HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, etc.) to ensure that the motherboard provides sufficient options for our customer’s requirements.


Module and peripheral customization

Our customized panel PCs and digital signage AIO kiosks can be configured with a wide range of built-in modules and integrated with a large number of peripherals, such as NFC card reader, RFID card reader, ID card reader, Scanner, IC card reader, speaker, Fingerprint recognition, Infrared sensor, 3G/4G slot, Microphone, Camera, Numeral key, Iris module, Relay module, Transformer, Alarm system, light sensor, Wifi module, GPS, Telephone receiver, Temperature measurement module. These built-in modules and peripherals help our products be used in a wide range of digital, intelligent application scenarios.


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