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Application and function of AG, AR, AF cover glass in industrial monitor and Panel PCs

AG cover glass (Anti-Glare glass)


Anti-glare glass: The manufacturer of cover glass makes the reflective surface of the original glass become matte surface by chemical etching or spraying, and changes the roughness of the glass surface, so as to produce the matte effect on the surface. When the outside light reflects up, it will form diffuse reflection, thereby reducing the reflection of light, to achieve the purpose of not dazzling, so that the viewer can experience better sensory vision.


Application: Outdoor LCD products or display products under strong light background. Such as outdoor advertising machine, ATM machine, POS, medical B-ultrasound display screen, e-book reader, subway ticket checking machine.


Identification method: Put a piece of cover glass under the fluorescent lamp and observe the lamp tube from its front. If the light source of the tube is dispersed, it is AG cover glass, if the light source of the tube is clearly visible, it is not AG cover glass.

AG cover glass.png



AR cover glass (Anti-Reflection Glass)


Anti-reflection glass: Cover glass manufacturers reduce the reflectance and increase the transmittance of cover glass by optically coating it. The maximum value increases its transmittance to more than 99% and its reflectance to less than 1%. By improving the transmittance of the cover glass, the content of the lcd screen is presented more clearly, so that the viewer can enjoy more comfortable and clear sensory vision.


Application: HD display, medical display, all kinds of industrial display.


Identification method: Take a piece of ordinary glass and a piece of AR glass, side by side and attach to the working LCD screen at the same time, and the side with clearer display effect is the AR cover glass.

AR cover glass.png



AF cover glass (Anti-Fingerprint Glass)


Anti-fingerprint glass: AF coating is based on the principle of lotus leaf, coated with a layer of nano-chemical materials on the surface of the glass, so that it has strong hydrophobicity, anti-oil pollution, anti-fingerprint functions. The user can easily wipe the dirt, finger marks and oil stains when cleaning. It has a smoother surface and feels more comfortable.


Application: Full IP rating Stainless steel LCD displays or Panel PCs used in kitchen and heavy oil factory


Identification method: drop a drop of water on the glass cover plate, the water can roll freely on it, then it is AF cover glass; Or use an oil marker to draw a line on the glass. If the line does not fit, it is the AF surface.

AF cover glass.png




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